Working from home can be convenient, especially when it comes to having work-life balance. One of the problems that people run into is not having someone to ensure all of the supplies they need are available. When you work in an office with a large number of people, there’s usually someone assigned to handle office supplies, which means you don’t have to even think about it. Below are some of the supplies you should add to your shopping list because they’re often forgotten by people that work from home.

1. Specialty Paper

Most of the time when buying paper for an office, the least expensive option is chosen. This is perfectly fine, but sometimes you need specialty paper. For instance, if you’re sending a single letter to an executive-level contact, you should use higher quality paper with a heavier weight and a smooth finish. Linen paper is also a good option. It’s best to have a small amount of specialty paper available just in case you need it. For further information, visit Southwest Business Products for more insights and resources.

2. Whiteboard 

It’s easy to forget certain office supplies when you work in a home office. One of the best things you can do is buy a whiteboard from an office supply store and place it in front of your desk. There are many options from which to choose, which means you don’t have to destroy your decor. A whiteboard is helpful because you can update it on a regular basis to provide reminders of important activities or tasks that you need to think about throughout the day.

3. Storage Containers 

You can never have too many storage containers in a home office. Even if you’re a minimalist and maintain a lot of documents online, there will still be a need for storage containers if you want to stay organized. These days there are many options, including storage containers that match just about every decor. Whether you want vibrant colors or earth tone colors, most office supply stores offer a selection of containers in different sizes.

4. Bookends

Some people think the popularity of audiobooks and e-books has reduced the number of physical books that people purchase, which simply isn’t true. You’re bound to have business related books in your home office, which is why you should have bookends on your desk for easy access. This is something that can be fun to purchase because bookends come in various styles. You can choose classic bookends that provide an executive touch or bookends that add a creative flair to your home office.

Consider dropping office supplies into an online shopping cart that you fill up until you’re ready to make a purchase. You should also create a list of office supplies used regularly.

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